Case Study: How one business turned automated tweets into a $7,000 sale by Abi CowellThis post originally appeared on the Promote Community blog.

Sometimes small things can make a BIG impact.

During a 1-on-1 session with a client, I suggested we put together a series of tweets educating her audience about this big-ticket product she has, a high-end fireplace.  It had loads of awesome features that very few people knew about.

We worked together to write these tweets, which were each one or two sentences long and then set them on auto-pilot using SocialOomph.  (They automatically posted to her Twitter account on a regular schedule)

What happened next was like magic.

A couple months later (after we’d all but forgotten about these tweets going out), a customer walks in the door with her husband and tells her that she HAS TO HAVE this product because of these tweets.  No joke.  I was sitting there for one of our meetings when it happened.

She’d seen these posts in her Twitter feed for awhile and the more she read, the more she was intrigued.  The consistent flow of information meant it stayed at the top of her mind.  She kept seeing these little nuggets of information, she liked what she read and now… she wanted it.  No, she HAD to have it.

She wasn’t planning on buying a fireplace.  She actually made space in her house and bought TWO.  My client made a $7,000 sale.   All because of some tweets.

Powerful stuff.

I love what I do.

How can you do something similar?

  • Write short and sweet bits of information about something you sell, whether it’s a product or service.
  • Make it informative, educational, intriguing.
  • Write at least 30 of them.  The more the better, as long as each message can stand on it’s own.
  • Keep each message under 140 characters total (including any hashtags or links you want to include)
  • Schedule the messages to flow out on a regular basis from your favorite social sharing program.  I prefer SocialOomph, but you can do similar things with HootSuite or SproutSocial.
  • Each business/audience is different.  But, for Twitter, I typically schedule these types of messages to go out once or twice a week – once a day at the most.

What experience have you had with direct sales resulting from your social media efforts?

Abi Cowell is married to a stubborn Yankee gamer and mother to two curious and free-spirited boys, who have impromptu lightsaber battles in her living room. Her hair is rarely blow-dried and size-11 flip flops are her shoe of choice. You’ll find her in the kitchen, if all else fails. And, just in case you’re wondering: She's a Mac.

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