For those of us who work for ourselves, saving and investing money can be confusing and frustrating. When you work for a big company, it’s all on auto-pilot. You decide how much you want them to invest in your 401k and it comes straight out of your paycheck. Without having to think about it, your money grows.

For bloggers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, small business owners and others, it’s overwhelming to think about how to go about saving some money for the future. Especially, if you aren’t finance-savvy, like moi.

(Can you see me raising my hand over here?) 

A savings account is easy enough to get, but, come on, the interest rate is like peanuts.

Traditional Investment Options Have Issues

If I want to invest some money, the options become more daunting and less accessible. Banks and big financial institutions usually require a big chunk of money to open an account. They charge big fees to manage your account and you have little access to your money.

Bleh. Who wants that?

I don’t want my money tied up and inaccessible. What if I need it? What if I see a super cheap flight deal to Europe? It’s my money, after all. I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get to it.

A 401k has so many restrictions it should a TSA agent. IRA’s are only mildly better. Trying to use the stock market without a lot of knowledge of how it works is a recipe for disaster. I had experience using a special kind of whole life insurance policy for long-term savings, which didn’t go well. sigh…

But, despite the headaches, I would like to be an adult and put away some money. And, I would like that money to grow a little (or a lot) while it sits there.

Investment Must-Haves

As a blogger and entrepreneur, here’s what I want in an investment account:

  1. I want access to my money within a few days, if I need it (or want it)
  2. I want to be able to invest any amount of money (small or large)
  3. I want to be able to put it on auto-pilot
  4. I want to see my money grow faster than it would in a savings account
  5. I don’t want to have to make lots of technical decisions about how it’s invested

How does Acorns Measure Up

Last year, I came across Acorns. Their tagline is “Invest your Spare Change”. That caught my attention.

Invest your spare change with Acorns easy investing for bloggers influencers entrepreneurs and freelancers by Abi Cowell

Acorns easy investing for bloggers influencers entrepreneurs and freelancers by Abi Cowell

Micro Investing about Acorns easy investing for bloggers influencers entrepreneurs and freelancers by Abi Cowell


They take the investment process and make it simple and easy for anyone to invest. They tick all the boxes for me.

With Acorns investing, you can:

  1. Withdraw your money anytime you want. It shows up in your bank account in a few days.
  2. You can invest pennies or thousands of dollars, it’s up to you. So, it accessible for everyone.
  3. You can setup recurring investments that come straight from your bank account each month. They also have an optional feature called “Round-ups”. When you make a purchase with a connected credit or debit card they will round-up the purchase amount to the nearest dollar and invest the spare change for you.
  4. The average return on your investment is much higher than what you’ll get in a typical savings account.
  5. Since this is an investment company, they take your money and invest it in a diversified way. You can choose between conservative and more aggressive groups of investments, but other than that, you don’t have to make any technical decisions about where to put your money.

Another cool feature they have is called “Found Money“. They’ve partnered with lots of companies to add money to your investment account if you make a purchase with them. For example, if you use the link from Acorns before you book an Airbnb, you’ll get 1.8% of the purchase amount added to your account. I wish I had remembered to do this before I booked with them recently. *facepalm*

Or, if you shop at Old Navy, you can use this link and 2% of your purchase will be invested into your account. Sweet!

It’s basically like free money, which is pretty cool.

Found Money Investment Acorns easy investing for bloggers influencers entrepreneurs and freelancers by Abi Cowell


Overall, I’ve been happy with Acorns Investing. I setup my account, chose a recurring deposit amount and didn’t have to think about it anymore. I check on it every once and a while to see how it’s going. I would recommend them, if you’re looking for a simple and easy investment option, which is suited especially well for bloggers, influencers, entrepreneurs and freelancers! Click here to get started!



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