Fill out your Medical ID card in the new Health app from iOS 8 - just in case!iOS 8 is chock full of new features to explore and use in your iPhone.  But, there’s one that you should go to immediately.  It’s your Medical ID in the new Health app from Apple.  The Medical ID is an ingenious new feature that could literally save lives.

If you’re in an accident or are having a medical emergency of some sort (allergic reaction, heart attack, diabetic shock, etc.), paramedics have seconds to help you.  Often times, if you have an allergy to a medication or a serious medical condition that they should take into account when treating you, they will be unaware.

There are a few things you can do to help them.  Wear a bracelet or necklace indicating your allergy/condition.  Carry an advanced medical directive in your wallet.  Now, with iOS 8, you have yet another way to alert them, using your iPhone, which will most certainly always be with you.

Introducing Medical ID

You can find Medical ID in your new Health app that was downloaded when you updated to iOS 8.  (If you haven’t updated yet and want to, go to your Settings app/General/Software Update, then update to iOS 8 from there.)  You can fill out several pieces of information there, including name, date of birth, medical conditions, medical notes, allergies and reactions, medications, emergency contacts, blood type, organ donor status, weight and height.

Make sure and turn on "Show When Locked"  Add emergency contacts to your Medical ID card    Your Medical ID card is viewable from your locked iPhone, making it super smart and potentially life saving

The best part?  All of the information you choose to share can be available without having to unlock your phone.  If you’re allergic to penicillin, they’ll know.  If you have a major illness that could change how they would treat you.  If you were unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate, the paramedics could go to your iPhone, click “Emergency”, then “*Medical ID” and voila! there’s your emergency medical info.  It will even let them call your emergency contact FROM YOUR PHONE, so your husband/wife/mother/father/friend can recognize the number and be alerted to your situation.

This is a smart move by Apple to help keep us all a little safer.  Bravo, Apple. Bravo.

So, go and fill out your Medical ID card in your phone.  It’ll only take a minute and you’ll be glad you did.  Do a roll call below in the comments and tell me if you’ve done it!


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Medical ID: The first thing you should do when you update to iOS 8 - it could save your life!

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