Many of you know that I love food.  So much so that I just had to blog about it.  Well, since I haven’t figured out how to magically add more hours in the day (still working on that one), I’ve got to find ways to save time blogging.

Back in March, I challenged myself to post a photo a day of what my vegan family eats.  Simple, authentic food.  No “I took 2 hours to style this table setting” photos.  When I have time to take those kind of photos, I certainly will.  But, right now, it’s not gonna happen.  I also want to make this way of eating accessible, for those who are staring in the fridge and struggling to figure out what to eat.

So, I’ve been pretty consistent with it.  And, since it’s been a few months, I’ve been thinking of other ways to use that content, just sitting there on Instagram.  Attending the Blog Elevated conference last weekend really lit a fire under my tush, so I’ve been doing all kinds of blog-related things this week.

Enter IFTTT.

I love IFTTT.  One of the presenters at the conference, Eric T. Tung, talked about it during his “Social Media Tools for Blogging Success” breakout session, which made me really happy.  It’s always nice to meet a fellow automation/tech/social media geek.

Well, I played around with a recipe to have any new Instagram I post, tagged with #365DaysofVegan publish a new photo blog post on my blog, Very Veganish.

Side note: It’s so fitting that IFTTT calls their things you setup “recipes”.  I usually freestyle it in the kitchen, but love the simple structure of processes like this in business.  Plus, who doesn’t love food? Am I right?

IFTTT recipe to post your Instagrams to your WordPress blog. Yes!  Easy peasy.Ok, back to the automation.  I didn’t like the idea of my Instagram description/caption being the post title, because sometimes I can get a little long-winded.  So, instead, the title is “#365DaysofVegan {{date}}”.  This works a lot better for me.

I posted two pictures to Instagram to test it out.  For the first test, I added the hashtag to a comment AFTER posting the photo (my preferred method of using hashtags on Instagram).  For the second test, I added the hashtag to the description/caption, then posted. Here’s what they looked like.

Using IFTTT with Instagram to blog more regularly

Using IFTTT with Instagram to blog more regularly

They both worked.  It took about 20 minutes, but both posted automatically to my blog!  Here’s what it looks like on my blog.

Using IFTTT with Instagram to blog more regularlyI decided the Instagram link wasn’t necessary, so I edited my recipe on IFTTT to make the description say “……. via Instagram @VeryVeganish”.  I think this will do me just fine.  And, now, I have a spot on my blog just for all my #365DaysofVegan posts.  Yay!

So, to recap, here’s what you do:

  1. Setup a free account on IFTTT
  2. Go here to use and customize the recipe I already setup.
  3. Follow the steps on the page.  You’ll need to authorize access to your Instagram and WordPress accounts, so have your passwords handy.  Both and .com work – I use .org.
  4. Customize the options by filling in the hashtag you want to trigger, your Instagram name in the description and such.
  5. Then, save it.
  6. Sit back and relax.

Next time you post to Instagram with that hashtag, you’ll be blogging to.  How cool is that?

So, sound off.  What’s your Instagram name?  What do you usually post about?  Tell me in the comments!

Abi Cowell is married to a stubborn Yankee gamer and mother to two curious and free-spirited boys, who have impromptu lightsaber battles in her living room. Her hair is rarely blow-dried and size-11 flip flops are her shoe of choice. You’ll find her in the kitchen, if all else fails. And, just in case you’re wondering: She's a Mac.

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