Abi CowellHi there!  I’m Abi Cowell, problem solver, brainstorming partner and eternal optimist.  I fix problems.  Sometimes little things can feel big.  Like, really BIG.  And, hairy.  I’ve been there.  And, I can help you bring them back down to size.

I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed with a problem that seems really big.  Watching a family member suffer in chronic pain for years.  Being trapped in a corporate job that provides a paycheck but is slowly stealing your soul.  Having 400 emails in your inbox.  I also know how to break it down into bite-sized, practical steps to move forward.

My credentials, you ask?  Well…

I’ve been a florist during Valentine’s Day – so I know how to juggle hundreds of orders (and help clueless guys pick out the perfect flowers for their lady love).

I skipped my way up the corporate ladder at a Fortune 50 company to a Senior Business Analyst, specializing in Quality & Process Improvement – with no college degree – so I know what it’s like to overcome obstacles others say are insurmountable.

I turned my meat and potato man to a veggie-loving vegan – proof that persistence and powerful documentaries work (Please, don’t tell him. He still thinks it was his idea.)

When I decided the corporate life wasn’t for me anymore, I founded and managed a social media marketing agency, working with tea masters to CEOs – so I know how to make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

All the while homeschooling my two boys.  Yeah, SIMPLE is not a choice.  It’s a necessity.  Otherwise, I’d be burnt to a crisp right about now.

Little improvements equal big results.  And, it feels really good.

It’s like comfort food for your business.

Want a slice of that?  Send me a message, so we can chat.

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